A fast and reliable Vietnam Visa service for Foreigners

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/A fast and reliable Vietnam Visa service for Foreigners

With beautiful landscapes, cultural diversity, nouvelle cuisine and low living expenses, Vietnam is currently an ideal destination for foreign visitors. However, to visit Vietnam, the first step is applying for a visa. Don’t let this procedure be a barrier for you because A Chau’s service will support you all.





Besides being gifted by nature, Vietnam is also a developing country with stable politics, which is the reason why many foreigners come here to travel, work or reside. Therefore, how to apply for Vietnam visa quickly with high success rate is their ultimate interest.

In this article, we will share experience, deeply analyze all information related to visa application and figure out the best option for Vietnam entry.

What is a Vietnam visa?

Vietnam visa is an important document issued by Vietnam Immigration Department for foreigners, which allows them to enter or reside in Vietnam within a permitted period.

* General information

Popular types of Vietnam visa:

  • Tourist visa: issued to those who enter Vietnam for tourism, valid for maximum 03 months and up to 01 year for the United States Citizens.
  • Business visa: issued to those who enter Vietnam to work or cooperate with Vietnamese enterprises, valid for maximum 01 year.
  • Family visit visa: issued to those whose relatives are Vietnamese Citizens (Proof of the relationship must be attached), valid for maximum 01 year.

* How to apply for a Vietnam Visa?

There are many ways of obtaining a Vietnam visa and getting it done at Vietnamese Embassy in your country is the traditional way. However, with this choice, no one can ensure 100% approval rate and besides that, you may deal with its inflexibility and a lot of difficulties arising due to complicated procedures. To avoid this risk, another way many people apply successfully is applying at border gates with a document called Approval Letter.

* How to get an Approval Letter?

Approval Letter is a document issued by Vietnam Immigration Department that allows foreigners to receive their visas at international airports, land border gates or Vietnamese Consulate.

Depending on visitors’ purpose, the procedures and documents are required as follows:

Approval Letter for Tourist Visa (DL)

+ Passport front photo

+ Date of entry

+ Duration of stay in Vietnam

Approval Letter for Business Visa (DN)

+ Passport front photo

+ Date of entry

+ Duration of stay in Vietnam

+ Form NA2 - Letter of Guarantee provided by an agency / enterprise

+ A certified copy of the Business Registration Certificate of the guarantee agency / enterprise

Approval Letter for Family Visit: (TT)

+ Passport front photo

+ Date of entry

+ Duration of stay in Vietnam

+ Form NA3 - the Letter of Guarantee provided by Vietnamese relatives

+ Proof of the relationship (Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc)

* Many travelers don’t get Approval Letter though it’s such a simple procedure. Why?

That could be a frequently asked question by many travelers, especially those who apply for the Approval Letter for the first time. Basically, you have to find out the most prestigious service company for guarantee, but it may be difficult. At first, Vietnam is totally strange to you, how can you find a reliable agent to share your personal information and pay for its service?

For foreigners, finding a trustworthy guarantee agent is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, it does not mean that there is no honorable travel agent in Vietnam. A Chau, an agent with 15-year experience in the field of exit and entry, is reliable enough for you to use our services.

 What are the advantages of Vietnam Visa Service?

+ Quickly support to implement documents in case of lacking important ones, give clear consultancy 24/7 and always update customers’ application status

+ Process difficult profiles: for example you have no guarantee company, lack of documents or your nationality in the black list, etc.

+ To process the profiles of “special nationalities” (It’s hard for citizens of some Islamic countries to apply for Vietnam Visa)

+ 100% success rate of Approval Letter

+ Process application rapidly in case of emergency; meet the urgent need within 30 minutes, including outside working hours, Saturday and Sunday

+ Competitive price with NO additional costs arising

+ Enthusiastic staff with many years of experience

+ Collect documents and hand deliver results

* Why should you choose our service?

It would be very difficult to prove that "Achau is a reputable, trustworthy and professional agent with good quality service” if you have never experienced our services. Information listed below will help you have an overview about us:  reputable - professional - quality.

+ We are a prestigious international travelers company limited, based at a fixed address in Vietnam, so you can totally trust in.

+ We have 15 years of experience in our field, which is the evidence for the professional level of a reputable and quality agent.

+ We are appointed by Vietnam Immigration Department to provide services.

+ We are the headquarter of our company, not the agent of any other company.

+ We own enough legal status to guarantee you.

+ We apply a variety of convenient contact methods such as live chat, phone, email, etc.

+ Our specialists can proficiently communicate in English to answer all your queries.

+ 100% refund in case of unpunctuality or mistakes, redo 100% free

+ All steps are clear when signing the contract. All costs and information are listed and showed clearly and transparently before signing the contract.  

Establishing a Vietnam online visa application service system is not simple and must be controlled under strict law. We always emphasize on the benefits of customers so as not to harm our prestige and the image of Vietnam.

Although any international travel or qualified company can guarantee you to Vietnam at a determined entry, we are not completely sure if their services are good and beneficial to customers or not. Mentioning this does not mean we are patting ourselves on the back, but we let you experience our services and then have your own assessment. Our top working principle is prioritizing the benefits of customers - who are our special international clients. We appreciate and proud that among many agents, we are chosen to serve you. Thank you for considering us as a bridge to your arrival in our beautiful country, Vietnam.



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