Can I change my visa purpose after entering Vietnam?

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/Can I change my visa purpose after entering Vietnam?

Recently, A Chau has received a great deal of letters and calls from international tourists enquiring about Vietnam visa. For example, “Can I change my visa purpose after entering Vietnam?”






Sung-min, a visitor from Korea, asked: “I am in Vietnam to travel and I feel that your country is very interesting and thus, I decide to invest some projects here, but my tourist visa is just valid for a period of time. Can I change my tourist visa into investor one? Please help me.”

 “My girlfriend is in Vietnam and up to now, I have visited her for one month. She wants me to stay and teach language in Vietnam. To extend my stay, what types of visa can I change into?” asked Justin, a Canadian visitor.

There are many types of Vietnam visas. For more details, click HERE

Five main types are listed below for you to understand more clearly:

+ Tourism

+ Family visit

+ Business / Investment

+ Immigrant

According to Vietnam’s Law on Entry and Exit dated 01/01/2015, "Visa is valid for single or multiple entries and its types must not be changed”. For instance, foreigners must not change visa type from tourism into labor, business, investment, etc.

Therefore, they must apply the right visa purpose before entering Vietnam.

In particular,

+ Visa DL: For those who enter Vietnam to travel from 01 to 03 months

+ Visa ĐT: Applied before arrival, for those who enter Vietnam for the purpose of investment

+ Visa LĐ: Applied before arrival, for heads of representative offices in Vietnam

+ Visa DN: Applied before arrival, for those who enter to work with Vietnamese enterprises for a short term

If you want to change your visa purpose, you must exit from Vietnam, then apply for another visa with new purpose.

Complicated visa procedures and language barrier may lead you to unavoidable mistakes. To overcome this and apply faster, don’t hesitate to contact us as the following information.


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