In emergency cases, how long can applicants get Vietnam approval letter on arrival?

Post by dung on 2018-10-29 17:15:36
/In emergency cases, how long can applicants get Vietnam approval letter on arrival?

Normally, applying for a Vietnam visa by approval letter for travel, business or family visit takes at least 2 - 5 days. However, in cases of emergency, travelers can’t wait for the time required by the Consulate/ Embassy. In such situation, how long does it take?





There are many ways to obtain a Vietnam visa for foreigners, but two most common ways are: applying at a Vietnamese Consular office in your home country or applying for an Approval Letter, then get the visa stamped at the airports, land or sea border gates in Vietnam. However, the Approval Letter is more "favored" due to fast procedures and suitability for urgent cases.

By applying high technology and flexible visa issuance policy of Vietnamese Immigration Department, we bring foreign visitors a wonderful experience through the smartest online system. It only takes about 01 minute to enter information and pay. You will have an Approval letter issued by the Immigration Department under our sponsorship. The time to receive a visa depends on your choice. We offer you 03 options: Emergency (within 30 minutes), fast (within 4 hours), normal (within 48 hours - excluding Saturday, Sunday or holidays). Why are there 3 options?

- Emergency – within 30 minutes: For foreigners who apply their visa at the airports but was refused. To enter Vietnam, they need to use this urgent service.

- Fast – within 4 hours: For those who are in above situation if they can wait for a longer time. Also applied to those who are visiting a country near Vietnam and suddenly want to visit Vietnam. They might find interesting information about Vietnam or would like to travel with new friends.

- Normal service - within 48 hours: is chosen by most travelers who plan to visit Vietnam in advance so emergency or fast services are not needed. This option helps them save money.  

With outstanding advantages such as urgent service within 30 minutes, ensure 100% approval rate, validity up to 01 year, work permit and temporary card support after arrival, applying for an Approval Letter through a reputable international travel company is still a smart choice for international travelers.

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