Vietnamese entry regulations for foreigners at customs

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/Vietnamese entry regulations for foreigners at customs

It is easier to enter Vietnam if you are planning to go with a tour. Otherwise, if you decide to discover our beautiful country by yourself, don’t ignore entering guides at Vietnamese Customs Area as well as how to fill in the Entry and Exit Form.





Before planning to enter any countries, foreign tourists must have valid passports, then apply for a visa at the country they want to visit. Similarly, if they want to enter or exit Vietnam, they have to apply for a visa and complete the customs procedures according to the regulations. To fully understand about Vietnamese customs procedures, you should notice the following information:

Vietnamese regulations on the customs procedures

All foreign visitors have to fill in the form and let the customs officers check their luggage as required. On arrival, they have to fill in the entry and exit form. In case of re-arrival or re-departure without any goods, they only need to show the filled form or fill in a new form and show it to the customs officers.

Luggage, personal property and goods brought to Vietnam must be personal belongings, not in the list of non-commercial goods that are not allowed to import, and tax-free.

When the tourists exit from Vietnam, their baggage enumerated at the Customs on arrival have to be presented again, except the used products or products as gifts.

The foreigners entering Vietnam can bring an unlimited amount of the foreign currency, gold, silver, precious metal and gemstones or silver-plated or gold-plated products, but they must declare clearly in the customs form. Moreover, they can exchange foreign currency to Vietnam Dong (VND) at the banks, hotels, jewelers nationwide.

The tourists can bring an unlimited amount of souvenirs with bills.

For fast customs procedure, the passengers should declare clearly on the customs form the followings:

- Cameras, recorders and other electronic devices that are not personal belongings;

- Jewelry (especially golden) and gemstones that are not personal belongings;

- The foreign currency, cash (paper money, metal coins, travel cheque) over $7,000 or other foreign currency of equivalent value, Vietnam Dong cash exceeding 15,000,000;

- If foreigners carry video recordings, the Customs will keep to check and return after some days;

- Gold (≥300g). If travelers carry more than 3,000g, the exceeding part will be kept in the store and re-exported;

- Tax-free outside-of-luggage goods

The followings are tax-free on arrival:

- 20 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 150g tobacco;

- 1.5 liters of wine and other items (excluding banned products) not exceeding $300;

The travelers are not allowed to carry the followings into Vietnam: weapons, ammunitions, explosive materials, inflammable materials; firecracker of all types, opium, drugs and other narcotics; poisonous chemicals; pornographic products unsuitable for Vietnamese tradition; toys harmful to children’s personality education and social order and safety, etc. Otherwise, the visitors will be punished in accordance with Vietnam’s Law.

On departure from Vietnam, tourists, who carry an amount of gold over 300g, must declare and get approval of the State Bank. Also, they are not permitted to bring out weapons, ammunitions, explosive materials, drugs, antiques, wild animals, rare plants and documents related to the national security. Otherwise, they will be punished in accordance with Vietnam’s Laws.

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