How to Apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival ?

Looking for a fast, easy way to get a visa for Vietnam? Travelers who apply for a visa to Vietnam through us,, can be sure that the process is legitimate, easy, and safe.

The whole process of applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival is very simple: There are three steps to follow.

Fill out an application form online and pay the service fee to get the job done.
Get the letter of approval by email, and then send it back to them.
When you land at one of Vietnam’s international airports, your visa will be stamped.

Guide on How to Apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Step 1: Fill out the online form for a Vietnam visa and pay the service fee.

It’s safe to fill out a form with your full name, birthdate, passport number, and other important information.
In order to make sure you have the right information, you should double-check that
OnePay, PayPal, or Western Union can be used to pay for the service fee.
In less than 5 minutes, you may be able to apply for a visa to Vietnam on the web.

Step 2. Get the approval letter via email

After you send in your application and pay, we will start the process of getting your visa from Vietnam’s immigration department for you. We can send you your visa approval letter and the entry-and-exit application form to your email in two working days, or even two to four hours if you need it quickly.
To make the forms easier to read, you then print them out and fill out the entry and exit form. You also need two passport-sized photos and your original passport, which must be valid for at least six months after you arrive.

Step 3. Get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport

To get a visa stamped on your passport at a Vietnam airport, show your visa approval letter, a completed entry and exit form and your original passport. You also need to pay a stamping fee to get the visa on your passport.

Visa on arrival is available for Air travelers. Those arriving by land or cruise are required to contact the local Vietnam embassy to get a full Vietnam visa before departure.

Visa on arrival must be picked up at Vietnam airports after landing. Make sure to use our Airport services to speed up and smooth out the process of getting your visa stamped at Vietnam airports!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance can I apply for an approval letter?

In order to avoid paying extra fees, you should get your visa approval letter at least three working days (for a tourist visa) or seven working days (for a business visa). To apply for the letter now, for example, if you want to go to Vietnam in February 2020, you can do it now. Your visa approval letter is only valid when you arrive at the airport, not when you applied for it or when the letter was sent to you.

Can I apply for a business visa online?

There is a business visa through our service. If you need more information about business visas, check out the Business Visa page.

What documents do you need in order to process my application?

Please find the below for required information to process your visa on arrival and what are required at Vietnam airport.

1- To get a visa on arrival approval letter, you need to send in the following information:

  • Your Full name – The same as in passport
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport number
  • Travel dates
  • Purpose of visit
  • Type of visa

2 – When you arrive at Vietnam airport, please present:

  • Approval letter (hard copy)
  • Two (02) passport size photos
  • Entry/exit form
  • Original passport
  • Stamping fee (by cash)

Can I apply for my whole family in one application?

Yes. You can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival for your whole family in one application. In case your group have more than 10 people, just let me know at [email protected]. We will get back to you to make your application process simple.


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